The ECD for interest-free loans

The ECD for interest-free loans

Dans le cadre de l'obtention d'un prêt à taux 0, les acquéreurs devront désormais faire intervenir un expert certifié pour réaliser un DPE (Diagnostic de Performance Énergétique).

This new criterion has been reintroduced in Decree No. 2020-9 and l'arrêté du 6 janvier 2020.

AOD Diagnostics intervient pour réaliser le DPE dans le cadre de l'obtention de votre prêt à taux 0.

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PTZ in old buildings conditional on a minimum level of energy performance

Since January 2020, the granting of the PTZ in the former is conditioned by a criterion of energy performance. The programme of works must achieve a primary energy consumption after works of less than 331 kWh/m2, i.e. at least the equivalent of an energy label E in the energy performance diagnosis.

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The ECD for interest-free loans: How does it work?

The borrower will have to provide evidence to their bank by supplying all the estimates to justify the estimated cost of the work and the energy performance of the work programme. To justify the energy performance of the work programme, the borrower must provide an energy evaluation indicating the current consumption of the dwelling and that projected after the work. This DPE must be carried out by a qualified and certified professional.

In concrete terms, this specific DPE consists of an on-site survey of the existing state (walls, floor, ceiling, openings, heating, hot water production, etc.) and from the estimates that the buyer has drawn up, we enter the new parameters in the future state of completion and the energy improvement is validated in this report that we send to him. This report is different from the regulatory DPE because the improvements are entered manually in the calculation engine.

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