Asbestos diagnosis

What is an asbestos diagnosis?


The asbestos diagnosis or asbestos condition is a diagnosis that allows the analysis of all the elements of a flat or a house in order to detect the presence of asbestos or not of this highly toxic material.

This examination is a compulsory real estate diagnosis in the event of the sale or rental of a property and its dependencies.

What is asbestos? Where is it found?


Asbestos is a fibrous mineral used in industry. The inhalation of asbestos fibres and its ingestion are the cause of cancers (bronchopulmonary, stomach...) and serious lung diseases (fibrosis...).

Pathologies can occur up to more than fifty years after the first exposure to asbestos fibres.

Asbestos has been banned in France since 1997. However, it is still present in many buildings and equipment (tiles, plastic floor tiles, interior coatings, joints, etc.) and has been incorporated into the composition of many materials for its insulating properties.

Why should it be measured?


Asbestos is recognised as a carcinogen and is a major public and occupational health problem.

  • In France, around three million low-cost housing units are still exposed to asbestos risks, which means that around ten million people are affected.
  • Approximately 125 million people are occupationally exposed to asbestos worldwide, and 90,000 die each year. 

An asbestos diagnosis must be carried out before a sale, a rental of a flat, a partial or total demolition and before any work on your property.

Who should carry out the diagnosis?


The asbestos diagnosis can only be valid if it has been carried out by a real estate diagnostician who has undergone certification training. It is divided into two levels: with mention and without mention.

The difference between these two levels lies in the content of the training and the possibility of carrying out certain asbestos diagnostics:

  • Asbestos awith mention

The latter authorises the diagnostic technician to carry out the surveys provided for in articles R. 1334-20 and R. 1334-20. R. 1334-21 of the Public Health Code, as well as the periodic assessments of the state of conservation provided for in Article R.1334-27 of the same code.

Our real estate diagnosticians are all certified. They are therefore at your disposal to carry out a asbestos statusDAPPDTA, an asbestos survey before demolition or a visual inspection after work

  • Asbestos syears mention.

The technician who has obtained this certification can only carry out this diagnosis in residential buildings and certain commercial premises installed in the lower part of these buildings.

1Type of property
3Contact details

Which properties are affected?


This compulsory diagnosis concerns all properties built before 1 January July 1997.

 Your diagnostic agency AOD offers you one of the following diagnoses:

  • For the sale of a property :
  • Asbestos diagnosis before sale will be advised to the owner of the dwelling.
  • For the rental of a flat :

- An Asbestos Diagnosis of Private Parts (or DAPP) must be drawn up and made available to tenants. The landlord is responsible for requesting the asbestos diagnosis.

- As well as a DTA (asbestos technical file) carried out by the co-ownership for the common parts of collective buildings or other buildings that receive the public.

  • For the total demolition or partial or before work:

Is asbestos diagnosis compulsory for all property sales or rentals?


Single-family rented houses are not affected by this control obligation.

Asbestos diagnosis, what is it?


Our property diagnosticians are certified and insured to undertake an official and recognised diagnosis during which they will list the various elements of your property.

They are classified into three categories (lists):

List A (without destructive work)

  • flockings (fibrous-looking coatings),
  • lagging (coverings used as thermal insulation),
  • false ceilings

List B (for the DAPP, DTA and sale)

  • interior vertical walls
  • floors, ceilings
  • ducts, pipes, interior equipment
  • The External Elements

List C (before demolition)

  • Roofing and waterproofing
  • Facades
  • Interior vertical walls
  • Ceilings and false ceilings
  • Floor and wall coverings
  • Conduits, pipes and equipment
  • Lifts and hoists
  • Miscellaneous equipment
  • Industrial plants
  • Lost formwork

Several samples can be taken from your property which will then be sent to a laboratory for analysis.

Following this examination, our real estate diagnostician will provide a document certifying the absence or presence of asbestos in your home.

In case of diagnosis positive to the presence of asbestos, our real estate diagnostician can ask you to have it done:

  • Monitoring
  • a new assessment of the affected area.
  • Asbestos removal

You will not be required to carry out any work following a positive assessment with the presence of asbestos. The asbestos diagnosis is an informative check.

How long is the asbestos diagnosis valid?


If the diagnosis was made before 2013

  • The validity period is 3 years following positive results.
  • It must be renewed before the property is sold.

If the Diagnosis was carried out after the year 2013

  • The validity of the asbestos diagnosis is unlimited if the absence of asbestos has been established.

It is advisable to reschedule an asbestos diagnosis following renovation work carried out on the property you wish to put up for sale.

Are there any penalties for not having an asbestos diagnosis?

The Diagnosis must be attached to the DDT (technical diagnosis file) which accompanies the compromise or the deed of sale.

Sale :

Failure to provide an asbestos diagnosis may result in a fine of €1,500 being imposed on the vendor.

In addition, the purchaser who discovers the presence of asbestos may apply to the district court for a reduction in the sale price or even for the cancellation of the sale.

Location :

Failure to comply with the obligation to provide an asbestos diagnosis may result in a fine of €1,500 being imposed on the owner.

In addition, the tenant who discovers the presence of asbestos can request that the flat be brought into compliance.

Your AOD real estate diagnostician, to secure your real estate transactions

Do you need a property diagnosis for the sale or rental of your property? 

Our real estate diagnosticians are certified, insured and regularly trained and are at your service!

What is the price of this diagnosis?


The price varies according to the surface area of the house and is degressive if you have several diagnoses carried out at the same time (such as the DPE diagnosis or the lead diagnosis for example).

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