Lead diagnosis Istres

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Lead diagnosis Istres,

When you sell or rent your property, lead diagnosis is compulsory. Lead may be present in some so-called "old" paint.

The ingestion of lead causes a very serious disease called lead poisoning. This ingestion is very harmful, particularly for the health of young children (who tend to put everything in their mouths) and pregnant women if these paints are sanded

We intervene throughout the region for your lead diagnostics. Our mission is to ensure, with responsiveness and professionalism, the realization of mandatory lead diagnostics in the context of the sale, rental or work on your property. 

After examining the premises, according to the regulations in force, we draw up the corresponding mandatory technical diagnosis file.

Our strengths : Availability (we also work at weekends), Proximity (in Provence), Professionalism and Reactivity (which are the values of our company).

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Lead diagnosis Istres

En tant que diagnostiqueurs immobiliers, les experts d'AOD diagnostics ont pour rôle de vérifier la conformité des bâtiments avec les réglementations en vigueur en matière sanitaire, sécuritaire et environnementale en vue d'établir the technical diagnosis file (DDT.

Les Experts d'AOD Diagnostics sont titulaires d'une certification spécifique à chaque domaine d'intervention (amiante, gaz, electricité etc..)

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